Snappy Dresser

Yesterday was looking to be a sketch-free day, until I saw a vivid, vertical stripe of late afternoon sun hitting the old dresser in the dining room. I had 30 minutes available until picking my son up; I grabbed a sketchbook and the watercolours and dived in. I decided not to take a photo of the glorious tangerine light on the dark oak – I’d try to remember once it disappeared, as it surely would, and fast. I think that might have been a mistake.

Dresser watercolourThe light was still there, albeit changing, as I sketched the outlines in my sepia fineliner, but finally petered out as soon as I got the watercolours into play. The sun sets so quickly at this time of year. The dining room became too dark to work without a light on, and so what you see here is a concoction of my memory, made under artificial light. Hmmm. Not ideal conditions.

This picture is A5 size, so it was easy to work relatively quickly. I used a lot of burnt sienna and various blues to achieve the browns and shadows. Putting the orange in was fun, but I haven’t achieved anywhere near the glow of the wood in reality. Still, it was good to have a go, and get some more experience of mixing colours with a time constraint.


38 thoughts on “Snappy Dresser

  1. Everything about your painting is warm, inviting, spontaneous and filled with rich color. I like how you have captured the shine in the wood with the reflections. Give yourself a pat on the back for a wonderful sketch of life.

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    • Yes Jill, I think you’ve hit on something there – more time spent looking rather than doing usually repays us I think. A bit like the old saying, ‘measure twice, cut once,’ I guess. I’m really glad you enjoyed this sketch – thank you. 🙂

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  2. When I was quickly viewing all the incoming post in my reader I saw your painting and had to stop! It lured me in. It’s so beautiful and inviting. It really warmed my soul on a very cold winter’s day. The wood is so warm and the blue china pops so nicely. Your line work is so delicate. And to read that you had minutes to pull this off, absolutely amazing and inspiring!

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