What Lovely People You Are!

I just thought it was about time I said a proper ‘thank you’ in celebration of my blogging companions, for all your day-to-day support and encouragement, and for sharing your own work with me and the blogging community. I’m sure I’m not alone in the pleasure I feel through seeing what everyone’s doing, and how ideas get bounced around and developed as they move from person to person. What unexpected joy!

I’d also like to say how grateful I am for the kind nominations I’ve received since I started blogging in April 2015. I’ve not been very good lately at acknowledging these, and I hope that this post will go some way to making up for the miserable lack of response.Thank you note

So I’d like to say a special thank you in particular to:


Sharon Mann Illustrations

Le blog des oeuvres de Lise

…who have nominated me recently for a Liebster Award. If you haven’t looked at these blogs, you’re in for a treat, do check them out.

My blog has since expanded to the dizzy heights of over 200 followers, which I find astonishing. I’m so glad that what I post here is being enjoyed by other like-minded souls.

Sharon, Jacob, I hope it’s ok if I answer AgnesLise’s Liebster questions here:

1 – Quel est votre moyen d’expression préféré ?
What is your favorite means of expression ?

Hmm, that’s a tough one – but I think it has to be drawing. Probably. Maybe combined with some paint, or in pastels, or in coloured pencils. I also like playing music… It’s so hard to choose a favourite!

2 – Quel est votre meilleur souvenir ?
What is your best memory ?

I’m lucky to have a lot of memories to choose from. But, I’d say right up at the top would be the day that my baby son first said ‘I love you’ to me. That was a big, delightful, surprising moment.

3 – Quelle est votre couleur préférée et que représente-t-elle pour vous ?
What is your favorite color and what does it represent for you?

My favourite colour, without question, is a dark turquoise – it triggers thoughts of the sea, of peacock feathers, of the evening sky, and the colour behind my eyelids, and it is a colour I love to wear.

4 – Si vous étiez une musique laquelle seriez-vous ?
If you were a music which would you be?

That’s easy – I’d definitely be a classical piece, perhaps something by Debussy or Prokofiev. A bit of depth and complexity, a bit of emotion, a bit of humour… but ultimately relatively easy to relate to.

5 – Quel pouvoir magique aimeriez-vous avoir ?
What magical power would you have?

Maybe the power to turn back time and try things again, hoping for a better outcome… that could be very useful, especially when painting!

6 – Quelle est votre saison préférée ?
What is your favourite season?

Spring, I think. I love to see the first flowers emerge, and the optimistic blue of a sunny spring day and feel the air holding a promise of warmth.

7 – Si vous deviez retourner à l’école, serait-ce avec joie ?
If you were to go back to school , will it be it with joy?

Yes! I’d love to go back to school! Especially in this decade where teachers try so hard to make lessons interesting and to relate to their pupils. I fantasize sometimes about studying at art school… Yeah. As long as I don’t have to be a teenager again though. If that’s the case, I’m not doing it!

8 – Le sport, c’est quoi pour vous ?
The sport is anything for you?

For many years I was totally unmoved by any kind of sport. But about 5 years ago my husband (who is very sporty) got me into running, and I’ve been running ever since. It’s good for my body shape, and it’s a proven mood lifter; I run with friends so it’s a good social activity too. I hope to run as long as my body will let me – I never thought I’d say this, but ‘I’m a runner’.

9 – Voyageriez-vous dans l’espace si l’occasion vous en était donnée ?
Will you travel in space if the opportunity were given to you?

Like so many people, I’d love to see the Earth from space. What a privilege to to be able to observe our beautiful planet as a whole. But I don’t think I would be able to bear the isolation and enclosure (not to mention tedium) of actual space travel. So maybe I’ll just let other civilizations come to me instead of travelling out to meet them.

10 – Si on vous donnait un chaton, le recevriez-vous avec joie ?
If someone give you a kitten , you would receive it with joy?

Of course! It would have to take its chances with our other two cats though…

11 – Quel est pour vous le plus beau mot ?
What is for you the most beautiful word ?

I find many words beautiful, either to look at for symmetry (e.g.’ANNA’) or because they feel nice in the mouth (e.g. ‘pannacotta’) but in truth it’s their combinations which wow me. Some people do this so well, particularly in poetry. I have to admire wordsmiths with the ability to shape a fully-formed picture from a combination of wonderful words.


I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I’m going to shirk the responsibility of making nominations right now, as I feel that I need to give this more time than I have right now to do it justice. But –  I reserve the right to make my recommendations at a future time! There are so many great blogs to explore, and so little time…


24 thoughts on “What Lovely People You Are!

  1. Wonderful and congratulations to you, Rebecca. And I must thank YOU for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award some months ago: it gave me a real boost of confidence and some truly helpful and supportive followers. Many, many thanks and continued success with your Stuff and Nonsense.

    Liked by 1 person

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