Quick Draw

At the swimming pool this morning, waiting for Ted, I grabbed the chance to complete another page in my funsize 3x3in sketchbook. The objective was to try to capture any kind of likenesses of the swimmers having their morning dip. Faces, arms, bodies, whoever I could see was up for grabs. In particular I couldn’t resist a quick pic of the man with hardly any hair at all who used the pool hairdryer very briefly… he made me smile inwardly.

It struck me again how difficult it is to draw people who are just going about their business, moving fast, changing position and expression with no warning, oblivious to the plight of hapless sketchers.

Swimmers ink & tombow

So, this became an exercise in trying to look very hard at the chosen victim for a couple of seconds, and then attempting to transfer the whole image down in roughly the same time, without being able to grab a second look or verify any uncertainties. I don’t think any of these people would recognise themselves from these scribbles. But I’m sure that it’s a good process for me to go through, and it was liberating working so very small, as I worried less about details and tried to just jot down overall impressions. I finished the sketches off at home by adding in a little colour using Tombow markers, which brought the page to life.

Once again, fellow sketchers who draw people in everyday scenarios, I salute you!

18 thoughts on “Quick Draw

    • Oh, that’s lovely! Thank you. 🙂 I agree that other artists’ sketchbook collections are brilliant – it’s so great to see how other people see things. That’s one of the reasons I love the blogs…

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    • Oh, that’s so kind! Thank you Allie. I always find this kind of sketching a bit of a strain, but filling up a page (however small) does usually feel quite good in the end. Good luck when you’re out and about! 🙂


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