Standing Right There

Yesterday I managed to rock up to Saturday music school complete with drawing materials and a sketchpad of appropriate size, which felt like a triumph after last week’s forgetfulness. I did, fortunately, remember my instrument and music too, although these are fast becoming a side-event at what I’m starting to see as my ‘weekend sketch session’.

Music stand tombows2This time it wasn’t easy to draw the brass group participants – they’d arranged themselves so that I’d have to be very conspicuous to get a decent look at them; being of a relatively retiring nature when sketching, and not wanting to make anyone nervous while they were playing, I opted for an alternative subject.

I was attracted by the negative spaces and interplay of lines and intersections created by this group of music stands, which were waiting in one corner for the next ensemble to seize them. Their shiny metal frames were thrown into high contrast against the stacks of bright blue plastic chairs behind.

I made my initial sketch in sepia fineliner, and it made a reasonable drawing, but I decided to be fearless (or maybe reckless) and add some strong background colour. I was anxious as I did it, thinking that the sepia sketch might be a bit too fiddly and confusing to stand with a bold background; I’m still uncertain as to whether or not I like the result. It might have been more effective if I’d been able to achieve more white space, effectively giving a silhouette of the stands (rather than this more line-y, sketchy appearance). I also don’t really like the streakiness of the background. Still, it was a very absorbing way to spend 25 minutes, and another blank page filled.

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