Despite my best intentions today, I left the house with my Tombow pens and waterbrush, but without my A5 watercolour sketchbook. When we arrived at the Saturday music school I realised that this was going to necessitate a change of plan. A hopeful rummage around in my (very large) handbag produced my 3×3 inch ‘funsize’ cartridge sketchbook (and sepia fineliner), so at least I had something on which to draw.

Funsize Drum kitI didn’t feel that the confines of this tiny sketchbook would let me sketch people comfortably. So, as I was whiling away the half-hour during my son’s brass group, I settled instead on drawing the compact drum kit standing ready in the middle of the rehearsal room, which, like me, was waiting for the next session. If ever there was a subject to offer practice at drawing elipses, this is it!

At the outset I thought I was going to restrict this sketch to fineliner only, but changed my mind and added in some highlights with the watercolour pens at the last minute. This was a little nerve-wracking, as I wasn’t sure how the cartridge paper would cope with the water. In fact, it proved quite resilient, and I’m pleased with the effect. Another memory duly logged in ink…

17 thoughts on “Waiting

    • Hahaha! Thanks very much, Jacob πŸ™‚ . I took a leaf out of Hugo Costa’s (A Fresh Drawing Everyday blog) sketchbook, as I’ve been impressed by the restrained colour highlights he sometimes uses to great effect, in my opinion (although he mostly sketches street scenes and landscapes). I’m glad you think it worked here. πŸ™‚


  1. Been there so many times: mixing paint on fallen leaves, using pondwater, holding water in bottle caps and resorting to tonal washes because I haven’t got all of my paints. You muddle through. Part of the challenge.

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  2. I have been browsing through your latest drawings…they are all lovely and very accomplished. Still, I come back to this one. It’s vibrant with that quality of spontaneity that occurs when our best laid plans fall through and we have to improvise. I like it very much!

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