Only a few minutes to spare today for sketching, so here’s a funsize version of one of my favourite seasonal treats – Kentish Cobnuts. These are a sweet, succulent nut related to the hazlenut, and are at their best when they are fresh and green. These have been in the bowl for a little while, so the lovely green fringed cases have shrivelled somewhat and dried to a pale brown now, but the nuts are still very good to eat. The shells are delicately striped, and have a beautiful velvet finish which I found very hard to convey in a monochrome sketch like this.

Cob nuts inkI find that drawing straight into ink is a really good discipline which makes me have to concentrate very hard on understanding shapes and relative dimensions before committing a mark to paper. Here I used my sepia fineliner in my smallest cartridge paper book (3ins sq) which goes everywhere with me, for those occasional, surprise moments when I can squeeze a quick sketch in.


12 thoughts on “Nuts!

    • I’m glad you liked it! I don’t know whether cobnuts are available in the US, but if you can get hold of them, they really are very tasty (if you’re a nut ‘nut’!).


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