Chickens in Motion

Well, the 8th of the month has come round quickly, which means it’s Laura’s Draw a Bird Day. Unsure of what to sketch today, this was just what I needed to get me out into the garden for some quick chicken poses.

Chickens watercolourThe girls are always inquisitive, and come running to see whether I’ve got any treats for them. The first two birds on the page (an Old English Game bird and a Silver Sussex) only stopped by briefly, and wouldn’t pose properly; however, the two big fat hybrid red hens were intent on drinking my watercolour water, and took some dissuading. Their friendliness is why there are so many more little sketches of these two as they went about their business in the sunshine.

I jotted in their shapes roughly with a fineliner, then splashed in a bit of watercolour. The colours of the black chickens were especially troublesome, and the feathers of the one on the left should be iridescent…More work to be done there another time, I think.

Anyway, this is a happy little page of sketches made on a lovely afternoon. Who could ask for more?


28 thoughts on “Chickens in Motion

  1. These are lovely, you’ve captured them perfectly. Chickens are a delight to watch. My red hen is also the friendliest of the bunch, she’s always following me around and getting under my feet!

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