Spreading Oak, Spreading Ink

Since it’s Inktober, I thought I’d just have a quick little play around today. I set out with the intention of trying a Christmas card design, but my drawing hand had other ideas. So, rather inexplicably, we have a spreading oak, halfway through shedding its leaves.Oak ink and tombows I just got sidetracked flowing the ink into the water and enjoying the way it travels. I should have known this would happen – it always seems to, when I get the inks out!

When I thought I’d finished my playtime, I soon realised that I hadn’t. This is only a little sketch, no more than a doodle really, but even so, I thought I could have more fun with it. I got out the Tombows and gave it a set of colourful baubles. Can’t say it didn’t inject a bit of life!


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