Bird Brains

We’ve recently extended our family to the tune of 5 chickens and a cockerel; it seems fitting that the first day I’ve tried to draw them is today, Laura’s ‘Draw a Bird Day’. Lucky for me!

I’ve done a lot of looking at these guys since they arrived with us a week ago. Their dinosaur heritage is clear to see, particularly in the long-legged cockerel. And I love the way the girls’ skirts billow out as they run towards you in the hopes of food. The birds are full of character, and each has his or her little ways. One’s bossy, another’s sly, this one is timid and easily led and that one is bold beyond wisdom… perhaps just like people?

Chickens brown paper tombowAnyway, out came the brown paper sketchbook for a first go. I thought I was just going to do this in black fineliner and white Conte crayon, but once I got stuck in it seemed that colour was called for, so the Tombows came into the mix too. Because the paper’s so thin, you don’t get much of a watercolour effect from the pens, more of a felt-tip feel. But still, it was fun to get some colour onto the paper.

For those who are interested in chickens, the two fat red hens are bog-standard hybrid layers, the multi-coloured cockerel is an Old English Game bird, and the little black hen is a Silver Sussex. So there you go. I think it’s likely that there will be more chicken-related posts coming up, as we get used to each other.


32 thoughts on “Bird Brains

  1. Marvellous sketches, Rebecca – full of character and the colours work a treat. We’ve kept a troupe of three ex-battery hens since 2009, and indeed we had one who swiftly took charge of the other two… they didn’t half take ownership of the garden, too, devouring all (literally all) of the grass and chasing guests down the path. Be vigilant! 😉

    Look forward to more!

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    • I’m really glad you like the pics, and so nice to hear from a fellow chicken-keeping blogger. We’re lucky enough to have a big garden, so grass depletion might actually be an asset…The hens have cottoned on pretty fast to the fact that people = food, so I wouldn’t be surprised if friends get mobbed too; I’ll just have to placate them with eggs. 🙂

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  2. I love them all, Rebecca; they’re beautiful! The purple ones are blowing me away though. Something about the colors and shapes combined on those that is making me take many looks! I’m so glad you joined us! (I admire you for raising chickens! I’ve often considered it.)

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  3. I hope I won’t offend any of the chicken fans on this page but they’re weird old buggers, aren’t they? Somehow skeletal, beady of eye. Having said that, I spent this afternoon on a beach in Devon drawing seagulls, who always look, to me at least, perpetually miffed with the entire world around them!

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  4. I love chickens – drawing them that is! Mine tend to be more whimsical in nature. Enjoyed learning about them here and your drawings are extraordinary! The brown paper looks like it has a slight texture to it that adds to your piece. Well done! :-)))

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    • Thank you for your kind comments Jill; I like your chickens too – and I thought the collage ones were especially appealing! You’re right that the paper I used here is slightly textured, and has a rather shiny surface (it’s just parcel paper, after all), so that does have some impact on the end result. Glad you liked it! 🙂

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  5. Hi there, I love your chickens! I am a HUGE chicken fan and have kept chickens for a few years. I find them fascinating to watch, so characterful and love sketching them. I could spends hours watching them bumble around the garden, oh and did I mention that I like chickens 😄😄😄

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