Bigger Picture – Done

Some time ago I mentioned that I’d signed up to take part in the local ‘Bigger Picture’ collaborative art event, where 70 local artists are each given a section of a picture to reproduce. The instructions, photo (to copy) and wooden board duly arrived, and I in turn duly put off doing it… until today.

Why did I procrastinate? Mainly because the picture had to be done in acrylics, and that’s not a medium I’ve worked in really, although since my last post on this subject I’ve signed up to quite a few acrylic artists’ blogs, and been wowed by their work.

Still, the deadline (Friday) is approaching fast, so I thought I’d better bite the bullet and just get on with it. I’d joked before receiving my section of the larger picture that it would be just my luck to get the bottom right-hand corner of the mystery painting, which I guessed would be entirely black. I was of course wrong. I received what appears to be the top left hand corner, and is (I think) mostly whiteish sky! I had to laugh. I speculate that the line you can see in the left lower corner might be a mast of a ship, but who knows?

Bigger pic orig Bigger pic mine

The original photocopy is on the left; my effort on the right.

So, I’ve done my best today with the picture. My colours aren’t quite correct; my feeble excuse is that the picture was so pale it was hard to see what was actually there. In fact, the photographs here bump up the colours quite a bit. I knew when I set out that it was important to ensure that the distinguishing blue blob (a cloud?) and what I’m calling the ‘mast’ were correctly positioned, otherwise, when the full, large collaboration is assembled, my bit won’t match up with the piece the adjacent artist painted. Hopefully I’ve done well enough that everything will join!

In the event, this was quite enjoyable to do, and maybe I’ll sign up next year, if they’ll have me. I’m really looking forward to seeing the ‘big reveal’ of the original painting alongside this patchwork collaborative assembly at the end of September.

15 thoughts on “Bigger Picture – Done

    • Thank you very much. The random nature of the distribution of sections is somehow quite appealing to me 🙂 . I do hope to post the completed collaboration – with any luck either I’ll be able to photograph it when I visit the exhibition at the end of the month and pop it on the blog. The fact that they’ve kept the original picture under wraps makes it very intriguing!

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