Plum Lines

Red plum blossom watercolourIt’s been a while since I posted…life has been full. This little watercolour sketch is an oldie, from about two years ago.

There is a beautiful red plum tree in our front garden, which in springtime produces masses of pink blossom. This single sprig, in a small tea vessel, and placed on a shiny gold lacquer tray, seemed to me rather Japanese-ish, which was the vibe I was going for.

If I was painting this today, I would try to do a couple of things differently – one being that I might change some of the colours to a more harmonious selection (maybe I’d make the gold more orangey and then maybe put some hints of that orange into the foliage and flowers), and two being that I’d try harder to get the perspective right on the tray.

However, looking back on this one, I’m still pleased with the way that the shadow and reflection worked out, and the blossoms too. Sometimes, looking back can be interesting and informative…

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