Fig Reprise

I don’t know, I guess I’ve just got figs on my mind. I fancied having a go in coloured pencil today, so here it is. I prefer yesterday’s pic, but still enjoyed doing this one. The controllable nature of the coloured pencil is refreshing after the looseness of the watercolour pens.

I spent some time layering up the colours on the fig skin, which if I’m honest is where my interest mostly lay in this picture. Lots of greens, purples and blues and a bit of red too combined together. Such fun. I’d have liked to have got more glossiness into the fig skin, but when I started there was no shine to be seen. As often happens, the light had changed by the time I’d finished, and then I could easily see where the highlights should have been. Not to worry.

The weird shadows are a product of the windows in my kitchen.Figs coloured pencilΒ I did use quite a lot of colour here too, trying to convert yesterday’s learning about shadows into a different medium.

Maybe that’s me done with figs for now…

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