Fruit, Figurative

The figs are ripe on the tree, and the birds are starting to feast on them; we’ve picked a bowlful I’m not sure how to use – jam maybe? I usually make fig pie, but there’s only so much of that a body can eat. Anyway, a stray couple of figs made their way to my desk to be converted into a Tombow picture.

Figs TombowsAs you can see, I got totally carried away with the purples, making the centre of the fruit way too dark. However, I was happy to be able to mix a brown and a blue to get the interesting shadow colour, which I rather like, and which came courtesy of a shadow-making suggestion from fellow blogger Lance at Weisser Watercolours. I’m sure if I’d used the correct blue and brown it would have been even better, but the pens don’t have colour names, just numbers, so I had to guess what to use!


25 thoughts on “Fruit, Figurative

  1. ….how kind you are. I think these are so alive! Your shadows really give them the weight they deserve. It’s a fruit I won’t (can’t?) eat, simply because as a very young boy we lived in Lodi, Calf., and had a fig tree, which I’d sit in and eat til I probably fell out of it. And now I can’t even look at them…..till now!

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    • Me too, I absolutely love Payne’s grey, but the pens don’t include it, so it was an ideal moment to take a chance… Glad I did. Hope you find it successful too. 🙂


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