Pot Luck

Yesterday I was thinking I really should get on and make a picture, and since I was lacking in inspiration, ended up taking what was in front of me – my old mustard pot of assorted brushes and pencils – plus a bonus feather. I didn’t manage to complete it in one sitting, so finished it off today.

I decided to use coloured pencils, for a change, and to try them out on some of the midnight blue board I have previously used for pastel portraits. The surface of the board was very nice for using the pencils, not too rough. However, I think next time I turn to these pencils, I might use white paper – the vibrancy of the colours was rather lost on this background. I must also be more disciplined about keeping my hands really clean when working on this board. There are several greasy marks,Pencil pot coloured pencil which I regret.

The hardest part of the picture was trying to show the plastic protective sleeve on the brush in the middle, and the paintbrush at the front – they could have been better done. I should have also been more careful with the way the brushes were arranged in the pot as there are too many intersecting similar lines, for instance in the three brushes on the right hand side. By the way, the bamboo things are Chinese brushes (I’ve yet to use these). The area I think went best was the large oil brush at the back – it just happened without any fuss, which was nice.

18 thoughts on “Pot Luck

  1. I hear you on the white background but I really like the blue background on this! And yes, I understand your issues with it, now you mention them, but without that, would I have noticed? Nope. Too caught up in the composition, the shapes, textures, colors, angles. I LOVE that feather, he waves at me and motions me right in. Love the red handle. I can feel all the textures too. This is a nice painting! I’d have never known you were unmotivated or just picking up what you had on hand. I really like it. πŸ’› Cheers for a wonderful, creative weekend!

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  2. This is wonderful! There are lots of white bristles of brushes that stand out great against the blue but would be lost against white. I think this is perfect

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  3. It’s lovely just as it is Rebecca, I think that the background works really well. I have a collection of old pots on my desk (including a mustard one!) that hold my brushes too πŸ˜€

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