Value-able Lesson

Back on the selfie trail today. Yesterday’s portrait had left me unsatisfied; I could see so many things that I’d like to improve, and first among these was the lack of tonal value and contrast. This was even more strongly confirmed when I watched one of the Stan Miller videos on YouTube, kindly recommended by fellow blogger Laura at CreateArtEveryDay.  So, armed with my double mirror (which with some messing around lets me get a not-quite-face-on view of myself) I plunged in again this morning.

Self portrait watercolour 2I didn’t take enough time on the sketch, as I was so keen to get into the painting part. When will I learn? And I kept moving (naturally) which was of course unhelpful. Therefore, I don’t think this one looks very much like me. But that actually doesn’t matter this time. My objective was to get more variation of colour, and stronger colour, into the paint, particularly on the skin tones. I was also trying to achieve a greater contrast between the darks and the lights, and I feel that I’ve made a good start on this, although I could have been even braver…

Ignoring its many faults (the awfully patchy background wash which was an afterthought, the squiffy eyes and glassy stare, super-long neck, etc) I feel that I’ve made a great leap forward with this picture from the point of view of how I interpret what’s in front of me. I’m surprisingly encouraged.

8 thoughts on “Value-able Lesson

  1. I was just thinking that your self portraits do look like you but then of course realised that I’m comparing them to your profile picture which is another self portrait! They look like each other anyway 🙂

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    • Hahaha! It’s so good that you think they are consistent, but maybe I just keep getting the same things wrong?! Sometime I’ll have to post up a proper photo, then the truth will out… 😉


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