Peachy Punnet

Hurray! Today I finally got my head into a place where I wanted to sit down and do a picture, and it’s all thanks to these beautiful flat peaches. The scent as I passed them by was wonderful, and lined up together in this plastic punnet they just made me want to paint. I would have liked to have had natural light shining on them, but it’s bucketing down today, so the kitchen lights had to do. And this was maybe a good thing, as the punnet shadows became more interesting with the overhead lights.

Flat peaches watercolourIt had to be watercolour. I started with a lemony yellow/green, and added in the pinks and reds, some into wet, some straight onto dry. I used a purple for the dark areas which although not retaining its vibrancy once it dried, did give the deeper colour I was looking for.

I think maybe my recent rest from the daily picture regime has done me good. I really enjoyed making this sketch – and ate one of the peaches directly I’d finished, to celebrate. Let me assure you, it tasted as good as it looked.

28 thoughts on “Peachy Punnet

  1. Rebecca I’m really loving your fruit series. What a wonderful way to capture the summer! (Not to mention they’re making me hungry). The rich colours on the peaches turned out beautifully!

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  2. Lovely watercolor Rebecca !! You made them feel so tasty! I can imagine your prize to eat one of them when you finished and enjoyed every bite you took! Sonetimes stopping from working some time helps to reassure and retake it with strength. Nice job! !

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    • Thank you very much for your lovely comments Palmira. I think you are right that sometimes a break does let you become refreshed. I hope that this might get me back on track … 🙂

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