Membrillo Memory

I’ve been off my game for a few days – no pictures, due to what I’m calling ‘the pomegranate effect’ – so instead I’m offering some other strange fruit, which I painted around a year ago. Quince watercolour

A friend grew and gave us these quinces; fragrant and golden, these two were the last to be turned into membrillo, which we then enjoyed with plenty of manchego. Memories of Spain indeed.

I remember wrestling terribly with the watercolour on the leaves, but being happy with the knife in particular – ironically, that was the part I’d been most afraid of painting. In some ways that made this one of the most satisfying pictures I’d done up until that point. Thank goodness that just about every picture has its successes, however small they may seem at the time.


16 thoughts on “Membrillo Memory

  1. Smashing! Quinces are another thing that are wonderful to draw and paint: many of them are oddly shaped and have odd blotches. When we moved house a couple of years ago we planted a quince tree in the front garden, and I’m hoping for some ‘subjects’ later in the year if they survive these winds. This is a lovely painting, indeed.

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  2. Rebecca this is a gorgeous painting! I 100% agree with all the other comments. You’ve really articulated the materials well with watercolour. The knife is just perfection with the reflection details. Brilliant work!

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