Strange Fruit

At the weekend my parents kindly brought us over a basket of assorted tropical fruit (therein lies a tale). It’s been a bit of a job knowing what to do with it all; Jack fruit frozen (once we found out what it was), peaches and kiwis eaten, mangosteens in the fridge…anyway, this pomegranate got my attention for its beautiful skin and jewel-like seeds. But sadly, this picture does not make the most of either of these features.

I usePomegranate inkd ink and chinagraph again, on the brown paper pad. If I’m honest, I thought the magenta ink would pack more of a punch. I don’t know why I didn’t use watercolour. It would have been better, offered me a greater range of colours and depth, and maybe I’d have been more satisfied with the outcome than I am with this. But hey ho, it’s a picture, and now it’s done. If I can stop my son from eating the pomegranate for just one more day, I might get a watercolour version done tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Strange Fruit

    • Thank you Carol for the kind comment – I wasn’t very happy with it, unfortunately. It was fruitier in my imagination! Chinese apple is an odd one, on a par with ‘Cape Gooseberries’ I think… 🙂


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