Android Dreams

A friend pointed me at this article from The Guardian newspaper, and I think it’s well worth a look. It discusses a new kind of ‘art’ made by instructing Google’s image recognition software to interpret pictures in certain ways. The software is given a selection of parameters designed to yield a new version of the original image.

Many of the pictures which the image recognition software produces are quite spectacular and intricate. They are born from the software’s attempts to ‘make sense’ of a scene it has been given. The images produced can be somewhat Escheresque, and at the same time reminiscent of the best ‘Magic Eye’ pictures in their repetition and detail. For more detail and images, check out this link:

Photo: Google, via

Looks like there’s a new fantasy artist on the block!

4 thoughts on “Android Dreams

  1. This is very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I can’t help but being inspired by the software’s take on creativity and image making. It might not be aware of what it’s creating, but that attitude of simply letting things grow as they please maybe something to learn from.

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