Chess Study

When online gaming time has expired in our house, it is sometimes permissible to stay gaming by playing chess on the iPad, as that’s classified as more or less ‘semi-educational’. Today being Saturday and very warm outside, this was the go-to choice for our son.

Ted chess inkAs usual, when I sketch him in this activity, he was sprawled on the sofa with that intent gaze which comes from staring at a computer screen. His concentration is visible in his toes – his left toes are turned up and ‘active’ as they say in yoga, his right foot is curled around the edge of the coffee table. His hand in particular gave me a lot of trouble, as he kept moving it. Still, I suppose it’s good practice to have to work very fast to capture a pose.

I did some outlines in pencil, then reinforced them in my fineliner. That’s enough for today – it’s too hot and humid to consider anything which requires more effort!


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