Musical Offering

On a Thursday evening I play 3rd cornet in the village silver band. It’s not a prestigious position, and that’s just as well as I’m certainly not a good player. But it’s fun, sociable, and local. We play a mixture of classical and popular music, something for most tastes – if you don’t mind the sound of a brass band.

Cornet inkFor a while I’ve been thinking I should do a picture of my cornet. The thing is, I’ve been putting it off as I suspected it would be just too hard to contemplate. However, since I’m on a roll with ink at the moment, I thought it would lend itself nicely to that treatment.

This time, I did do a sketch in pencil. No winging it today, that would have been a recipe for total disaster with all that complicated tubing. Once I had the pencil guidelines I put in a sketchy outline using my fineliner, then on with the ink using a brush. I decided to use it undiluted for the pipework, just going for blacks. The shadow was an afterthought, to ground the picture a little more. I’m not sure I’m entirely happy with the shadow, but it’s there now.

On the plus side, I do like the 3D shine the blacks have given to the silver tubing. I often find that it’s easy when putting in shading to get totally carried away and put in too much detail. I think that deciding only to use black and not greys probably helped reduce the fiddly details, which in turn exaggerates the shine.


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