A Right Handful

So, my thanks go out to fellow blogger Cat Byrne for a comment which inspired me to revisit hands, in ink today. After some debate with myself, I made these sketches straight into ink using a small brush – I decided that doing a pencil drawing first might stop the lines from being flowing and spontaneous.Hands ink As a consequence, there are a lot of errors, especially in the lower right hand, where I didn’t take anywhere near enough time to observe relationships and angles.

I also found that, as I was sketching on the kitchen table which is covered with an oilcloth, my bare painting arm kept sticking on the surface and then jumping, instead of gliding smoothly. This didn’t help. Must remember that. It’s true that whenever I sketch more than one thing on a page I find that there’s always at least one I’m not happy about…I’m sure I’m not the only one who suffers from this!

Initially I drew the four hands in line only using undiluted ink. I then decided that I’d put in some shades and contours with diluted ink, and enjoyed this so much that I did all four.

This was a happy half hour which has kicked me out of the gloomy watercolour doldrums I’ve been in for the past couple of days. Thanks again, Cat!

13 thoughts on “A Right Handful

  1. Aw you’re welcome but I really don’t know why I should be getting so much credit for the inspiration! These are all great; ink can be tricky but you’ve got a solid technique. And good hands again!!!

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    • And my favourite is the top right one, I love the dimension you got on the two fingers in the middle. The bottom right one isn’t as bad as you think though.

      Not the best time of year to have your hand stick to oil cloth. I work on my table top directly (but on closer inspection it’s covered in little ink splotches… Oops)

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    • It was just the right comment, at the right time to trigger something πŸ™‚ . Thanks so much for your encouragement. I don’t know how, but I’ve accidentally trashed your lovely previous comment 😦 . But happily I did get to read it – I like the top right best too.

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  2. These are beautiful, Rebecca! They remind me of the old-fashioned illustrations from the 40s and 50s. You did an excellent job! I’m also glad I’m not the only one that runs into the watercolor doldrums!! Sunday’s roses broke me out of mine. But I’m sure I’ll fall into another one before too long lol. Anyway, I always enjoy and admire your work. There are many artists here who work at a level at which I hope to reach at some point. And you are definitely one of them. Thanks for sharing your work and inspiring the rest of us. πŸ’œ

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