Today I’ve been making an unholy mess on paper. I’ve been experimenting with colour, a real weak point for me. I wasn’t trying to produce something realistic or representative, just to get an idea of how certain colours behave with each other. I had a project in mind which required a piece of watercolour paper to be saturated in big areas of vibrant jewel colours. I have discovered that this is much harder to achieve than I’d previously thought in my innocence.

I got out a mixed collection of old tubes of paint which I’d been given, so the colours were pot luck. My first attempt yielded an odd picture which I variously feel looks like daisies (if I’m being kind) or fried eggs (if I’m not). It wasn’t supposed to be a picture in itself, but it insisted on coming. Maybe you’ll get to see it tomorrow, maybe not. Further attempts showed a little improvement towards the effect I was seeking. I thought that since I’d wasted so much paper already I might as well have a go at splattering some paint with a toothbrush. I’ve never done this before, and I have to admit it was fun.

Gemini silhouettes 1Anyway, once all the experiments had dried, I found that I’d got something I could work with for my purposes. Not exactly how I’d envisaged it, but serviceable. I drew and cut out a silhouette template to use, and set to work on the watercolours.

I used the cut-out hole from making the silhouette template to allow me to see where to position the cutting template to get the paint effect I wanted. Cutting the watercolour paper was a little worrying, as it is soft and inclined to tear if your blade isn’t very sharp and you aren’t very careful. I did try to be careful!

These two silhouettes are simply laid on the black card at the moment, but I plan to glue them into my black sketchbook.

Gemini 2As a last experiment, I laid the template onto another of the coloured wash backgrounds I’d made, shown here. So, in one afternoon I managed to combine drawing, painting, and papercutting into one project, and salvage some problematic watercolour experiments. Not bad!


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