Swimming, Sketching

Sheringham beach watercolourA little further round the Norfolk coast from us, there are some wonderful beaches. Whatever your preference – stony, sandy, rocky – there is something which will suit. The busy little town of Sheringham has a lovely promenade, with bright beach huts lining it. The beach itself shelves away very quickly, so it’s great for swimming, and in the summer it thrives.

This sketch is from last year. The day I painted it, everything seemed to go ‘swimmingly’. I found a nice composition straight away, there was somewhere decent to sit, the colours went on well, the paint dried at just the right speed (how rare is that?) and I was pretty much finished by the time my husband and son had finished their lovely swim and had a snack. All good. Happy days!


13 thoughts on “Swimming, Sketching

    • Thank you, I like the sky and water too. Sometimes you just get lucky. I always buy 300gsm watercolour ‘Not’ paper, in spiral bound pads. It’s usually something quite textured, like Bockingford or Saunders Waterford. I have a variety of sized pads on the go at once, from A3 to A6, and pick whatever I feel will fit the subject (or in my bag) on the day. It’s lovely to have that option.

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