Game Boy

I grabbed the opportunity while my son was gaming online with his friends to make a little watercolour sketch. He was concentrating so hard he didn’t have an inkling I was painting him, which was great. He was also relatively still, which is definitely a bonus.

Ted gaming watercolourI’ve a really long way to go when it comes to drawing people. I know there are quite a few things wrong here – I don’t think the leg length is right, although he was slumped down so far on the sofa that it was really hard to tell where to torso ended and the hips began. That doesn’t excuse the shins being too short though! And I still haven’t captured his face.

But, I’m not going to worry about this one too much. It’s a snapshot of time for the memory bank, and a little bit of Saturday diversion.


4 thoughts on “Game Boy

  1. I think it’s really well done, considering the constraints you mentioned and the medium you chose! Well, it’s well done without either one too! But it’s hard drawing from life, let alone painting from it. And I’m not sure capturing family members is any easier than capturing ourselves.

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