English Rose

I’ve been pussyfooting around painting these English roses for some time (about 3 years, if I’m honest!). The blooms with their heart-shaped petals cascade down the front of our shed, mixed in with an old blowsy climbing rose. Oh, I’ve photographed them, but never knuckled down to getting them on paper. I had a suspicion that even one flower would be a massive challenge. Why is it that plants are just so hard? You’d think that since there seem to be no mechanics (straight lines, right angles, etc)  involved they would be a doddle. Hmm.

English rose watercolourI did this one outside, in just under an hour. The sun was shining and the watercolours dried really quicky – too quickly in some places. I started with the background, then worked forwards onto the flowers and finally the leaves. At 50 minutes I was still very unhappy with it. I decided to risk all with my fineliner, and I’m pleased I did as it really helped to sort out the foliage and give it some definition. There are still areas that I’m not thrilled about, but overall, it’s not so bad. Please don’t take my fineliner away!

16 thoughts on “English Rose

  1. A lovely painting and brilliant use of that fine liner – just a touch to bring the whole thing together but hardly enough to notice. I have a tendency to go a bit overboard.


  2. These are always delightful flowers. I like how you’ve got the leaves coming over the frame-line, as if the subject is 3-dimensional and coming out of the paper. The combination of delicate line and watercolour always looks good to me, whatever the subject.

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    • Well, if I’m honest that’s cause I didn’t know what to do with the wash, and it just sort of made visual sense to tidy it up that way! Funny how these things sometimes come to you. 😉


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