A different kind of ink

I don’t have a tattoo. And I’m not very likely to get one (although I suppose I should never say never). Apart from the pain, there’s the worry of choosing the right image; one that you’re going to have to live with and be happy with for the rest of your days. And above all, for me, the fear that even if you choose a great image, the tattooist won’t render it well. The internet is awash with examples of tattoos which didn’t go according to plan – it’s enough to make anyone cautious.


But, having said that, in the unlikely event that I did decide to take the plunge and get ‘inked’, the image that tempted me into it might just be one of Dr Woo’s. His attention to design and precision are wonderful, and the images he creates are delicate, original and stylish – although I suspect that his style will soon be copied around the globe.

His clients include the rich and famous, for reasons which seem clear. If you’re going to put a permanent mark on your skin, why wouldn’t you choose the best art you can afford? Since I’m sure I can’t afford Dr Woo’s talent, I’ll be going without…

Image result for dr woo tattoo

3 thoughts on “A different kind of ink

  1. I’ve been thinking about having a tattoo recently (mid-life crisis alert!) but have so far resisted for the same reasons that you’ve stated. Those examples that you’ve posted may have got me thinking about one again……

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