Manga Moment

Last I borrowed a library book, Manga Now! and passed it to my 12-year old son, who hasn’t really ‘clicked’ with art. To my joy it really grabbed him, so much so that yesterday he invested his pocket money in some manga-style marker pens. Here he is today in a quick sketch, starting his first manga picture. He actually sat fairly still, he was so engrossed in the process. Quite why he prefers to work on the floor is a mystery to me, but I’m not going to argue if it gets him creating. It’s nice to see him not behind a computer screen, although he’s still ‘plugged in’ via headphones to a Terry Pratchett Discworld audio book. To be fair, I expect if that had been an option to me at his age, I’d have been just the same.

Ted sketching mangaI rapidly made the sketch first in pen, then on with the washes. I wish that I’d managed to get the proportions of the legs and arms right in the first sketch. Also, the faces don’t really look like him; I find it so very hard to capture a likeness in just a few strokes. (I do like the t-shirt colour though – luscious). If I’d had more room on the page, I’d have done more sketches, but I ran out of space. That sounds like a feeble excuse, but I didn’t want to start a new page…Anyway, what matters most is that I know who it is, and for me it’s a record of a moment which would otherwise be lost.

11 thoughts on “Manga Moment

  1. Excellent!
    Maybe have a look for comic/zine groups in your area? We had our group’s inaugural meeting yesterday and all the kids were sat a table in the middle, and spent two hours drawing together while the grownups chatted. The drawings and comics they made were amazing. One boy went straight home after and started his own comic. πŸ™‚
    And I always worked on the floor as a kid/teen. My son does the same now. I think it’s nice!!

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