Mountain Moonrise

What with travelling on winding roads up into the big mountains, stopping to admire the astonishingly picturesque scenery and having refreshments (naturally), it was almost midday by the time we started our ascent on the Cime Pramper in the Italian Dolomites.

Pramper MoonThe guidebook suggested that this would be a relatively modest mountain walk; we are all reasonably fit, so we calculated we’d be home for dinner without any problem. In the end it was 1200m height gain and a tiring eight hours from start to finish, but the spectacular scenery spurred us on. From a mountain path beside a rushing stream, to wildflower-sprinkled alpine meadows and snowy crags, this walk had it all.

On the way back down, at about 7pm, we rounded a corner and right in front of us was this tremendous view. The mountain range was framed by trees and sunlit, with the moon rising behind it in a blue evening sky, and to cap it all, a golden eagle circling. What a moment to treasure. The photo I took and this subsequent picture don’t do its glory justice, but I’ll remember this scene for a long time.


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