Hillside Mist

Dolomites watercolourIt was misty where we stayed in the Dolomites, although warm. The cloud shrouded the tops of the mountains for three days, while it was sunny at lower altitudes. On the second afternoon I installed myself on a public bench  in the hamlet where we were staying, and tried to capture the feel of the place. This picture shows the abruptness of the mountains as they rise up, hazy in the background.

I took the chance to use my favourite colour, Payne’s Grey, in this painting. I really enjoy the way it spreads into other paint and water, and gives a neutral blue/shadow feel. My favourite part of this picture is the crunchy mountain edge where the paint has collected in a dark line and contrasts with the sky. That was a result of accident rather than design, but who’s counting?

Just to put me in my place, right at the end of painting I was thinking ‘Well, that wasn’t so bad’ when I managed to flip the contents of my dirty water pot onto the sky. Fortunately, and to my relief, most of the paint had already dried sufficiently to be unaffected. Phew.


17 thoughts on “Hillside Mist

  1. This is a lovely painting and I agree with you – that mountain line against the sky looks great – a happy accident is always the best. You are so lucky to have the water that spilled not affect it, it would’ve been sad to lose this one.

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  2. Good to know you had time to do some on-the-spot painting and made good artistic use of your time away. Nice soft greens here; and delicate use of the Payne’s Grey. I’m off away now as well…but whether I’ll be fortunate enough to bring back any decent work is quite another matter!

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  3. Rebecca, it seems that whatever you do, I love it. This is beautiful work. Contemplating my first “real” (not in my journal) landscape painting, I can only admire this and hope to reach your level of skill at some distant point. Beautiful stuff! I’m really glad you didn’t lose this. It was meant to survive the storm! 💜💛💜

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    • Aw, thank you! I’m sure you’ll achieve your goals – being familiar with your materials is a big help, and so is looking at other people’s art and deciding what you like. I think the biggest thing is to jump in, and have a go (and be prepared for it sometimes not to turn out how you wanted); enthusiasm and persistence are wonderful allies, and you have those in spades! 🙂

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