Back to the Balcony

Balcony view watercolour 2The last day in Venice, and the last chance to make a sketch of the view from the balcony, this time facing a different direction, and not a canal to be seen. I rather like how the crane in the distance contrasts with the traditional facade of the church, and suggests a more practical, working city than the romantic version we often see in tourist images.

I tried to remember what I’d learned in the previous watercolour about making terracotta colours, and also to put into practice the rules of perspective, which I always find challenging. Once again, the black fineliner helped no end to sharpen up the details.

10 thoughts on “Back to the Balcony

    • You’re right, I’m totally jammy to have been able to see Venice and have a little bit of time to sketch. I’d certainly recommend it as a painting destination…


      • You’re doing great and I can’t wait to see more! I also forgot to add that I like how the terracotta colour turned out.

        Ooh I love the style of watercolours on the Citizen Sketcher’s blog. I’m definitely going to go through the tutorials and keep learning + growing πŸ™‚

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      • You’re so kind πŸ™‚ A couple of mountainy landscapes coming up in the next couple of days, as a contrast. It’s so nice to think of all the skills and ideas that are shared through blogs across continents!

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