Venice, Very Nice Indeed

So, I’m back from a short trip to Italy where we spent three days with good friends visiting the Biennale modern art exhibition in Venice. It was impressive in its diversity, and well worth the time we spent there. For a taster of the sublime (and sometimes ridiculous), world art event that is the Venice Biennale, click here.

Balcony view watercolour 1We were staying in the newer (and cheaper) part of Venice, which is still very pretty and interesting, and fortunately not as packed with tourists as the most historic areas. I was happy that I managed to get a couple of sketches done during our stay; this impression was done out on the balcony one quiet evening, with a glass of red wine waiting for me inside. A good incentive to get on with the picture!

I only packed a small watercolour sketchbook (10 x 7 ins) and so, as often happens, the black fineliner saved me by injecting details to bring the picture to life.

9 thoughts on “Venice, Very Nice Indeed

  1. What a wonderful painting to remember your trip by! I really like the composition and the way you painted the water. The colour is well controlled and balanced by the empty road which lets your eyes rest.

    The perspective looks pretty spot on, how did you manage the perspective?

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    • Thanks very much! It’s good to hear how someone else sees your picture; the reflections beguiled me into using more colour than I normally would, and I thoroughly enjoyed that experience. Perspective… well, I’ve been refreshing my knowledge through reading, and I did a lot of hard looking while I was drawing the guidelines! But I’m thinking about making myself a perspective tool I’ve read about using two strips of card hinged with a split pin to make things a little easier. Have you ever used one?

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      • Perspective is something I’m always trying to improve on so thank you for sharing the information. The tool you mentioned sounds handy and I’m definitely going to try it out. Currently I go back and forth between eyeballing and measuring, then clean up in Photoshop. For 3 pt perspective, the VPs are usually way off the page so I’ve been tucking a cardboard behind my sketchbook to mark the points and using a ruler to draw in the foundational lines. It’s a makeshift method but it hey works lol. Let me know how it goes with the hinged cardboard. Always look forward to reading about your process!

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    • Thanks for the compliment Carol! I didn’t notice much litter in the canals; perhaps because it’s only the start of the tourist season, or maybe there have been some cleanup efforts? I can imagine that Venice in August would be quite a different matter!


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