My Boy

More watercolour portrait practice today – and the victim is my son. But since he won’t stay still long enough for a painting session, I had to make do with a photograph. As the teenage years approach we have more moody photos than smiles, but this one was taken in a rare, unguarded moment.

Ted watercolour sketchAfter the preliminary sketch I found a base colour for the skin, then added hair in a variety of browns and greys. I feel the shading on his face is  a little heavy-handed, but the photo was taken in bright sunshine and so the shadows were quite deep. I was experimenting with shadow colours and came up with this funny purply-brown to represent the colour reflection from the burgundy hoodie. The eyes were the hardest part today and I found myself faffing terribly with them. I’m still not happy, but they will have to do for this time.

I think in future I will have to sacrifice a sheet of watercolour paper to try colours out on before I commit – until now I’ve been winging it and guessing as I paint, and I think that’s likely to be at the root of some of my difficulties. So, maybe something to try next time.

There will now be a pause from this blog for the half-term holiday (hurray!). Normal service will be resumed early in June. Happy blogging in the meanwhile; I look forward to seeing what wonderful work everyone’s done when I return!

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