Garden visitor

Today our regular garden visitorMuntjac sketches, a little male Muntjac deer, stopped by. He patrols our garden looking for tasty shoots, and always enjoys eating my camellia and tulip buds in the springtime. Today he was making a meal of the new leaves on our pear tree. Luckily I had my drawing things handy, and was able to grab a few quick impressions as he browsed about happily. He looks healthy, although I suspect he has fleas as he kept pausing to scratch himself with his hind leg and nibble his flank (that’s what he’s doing in the small sketch near the bottom right).

Anyway, after a quick perk up with some watercolour and ink, and this sketchbook shows a happy memory of his visit.


18 thoughts on “Garden visitor

  1. they are at once elegant and maddening. here, they are soooo elegant. this morning, our mule deer inhabitants came down the mountain ridge and ate my jalapeno plants almost down to the quick. but I have concocted a spray made of garlic, hot peppers, raw onion and other ‘evils’ they can’t stand and will now spray all the plants. it worked for my tulips, so we’ll see. your work is lovely.

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