Iris-ked it

Since the white irises in my garden are looking spectacular at the moment – May is our garden’s one month of glory – a picture had to be made. I enjoyed working with the inks on the lilacs a few days ago, so I decided to have another go.

White iris inkThese presented different problems. The frilly petals are so delicate, as are the colours and shades, so tackling them was rather a matter of trial and error, and naturally some areas worked better than others. But, when is creating art not a learning experience? Keeping away from fiddling too much with the details is tricky; I have to keep reminding myself not to get sucked in to the minutiae. I had good fun playing with the ink and water blossom effects in particular, and it seems that the more I do of this, the more satisfying it becomes. I especially like the very graphic feel that the ink gives.

Interestingly, the camera hasn’t made a particularly good job of capturing this picture; some of the more subtle tones have been lost, but I was in danger of spending more time photographing than painting!

13 thoughts on “Iris-ked it

  1. Irises are rather “architectural”, I think…bit like orchids and those big Allium onion-flowers, they have highly distinctive shapes, which you’ve caught very nicely here.

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