Old Hunstanton Cliffs

I feel very lucky to live within an hour’s reach of the sea. Sometimes during the summer, on a Friday, we’ll pile in the car with a picnic and have our dinner on the beach. My husband and son may swim if the sea is not too cold (it’s never actually warm); I prefer to sketch.

Old Hunstanton watercolourThis little watercolour from last summer shows the lower reddish limestone of the cliff, which is topped by a layer of white chalk – it’s a distinctive feature which has made Old Hunstanton well known with geologists, who have found significant fossils in and around the area. The cliff regularly tumbles away, revealing fresh finds. The lighthouse is no longer working, and is now incorporated into a coastguard station.

As you can possibly see, it wasn’t such a warm evening for sketching, and the boys only took a very quick dip!


8 thoughts on “Old Hunstanton Cliffs

    • Thanks Amy! This one’s done on Windsor & Newton Cotman cold pressed (‘NOT’) watercolour paper. I think I got it from WH Smith on special offer…It’s got quite a bit of texture, but not too rough.

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