White Lilac, Dark Picture

Lilac inkThe lilacs are in full bloom in the garden, and I thought they represented a good challenge for today’s picture.

I’ve always found it hard to depict masses of blooms together, and so the puzzle was how to show them en masse without having to paint each individual floret. At work I’d been thinking about how to approach the picture, and it seemed to me that the white lilac could be good in monochrome using my blue/black ink, which would let me provide contrasting tones rather than colour.Β  Maybe I’ll look back on my recent pictures and call them my ‘black background period’…

In the end I’m pretty happy with how the flowers turned out. It was an interesting problem to solve, and I think I learned quite a bit about tonality in this picture. Next time I’ll have to give more attention to how to approach the leaves…

17 thoughts on “White Lilac, Dark Picture

  1. Dark backgrounds always work well for light-coloured flowers. These look delicate and lacy. I personally get a kick out of the sharp contrasts of light and dark.

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