Funsize Sketch – Citroen

Today I struggled to find something to draw. I ended up looking around my son’s room, and found this 1971 Matchbox Citroen. It was a very ’70s metallic orange colour, and had belonged to me when I was a child. I liked it because the doors opened. I’m a sucker for anything miniaturised and ‘working’.

Citroen funsizeI didn’t realise how tough the drawing was going to be, until I really got going. The subtle curves and lines of the bodywork, with its bulbous bonnet and narrow boot, put me to the test, as did the V shaped bumper and the wheels. That doesn’t leave much to go smoothly, does it?

I know that I would have been happier doing this in pencil in order to get smooth shading on the bodywork (and to have had the ability to rub out where I made mistakes!), but the cross-hatching practice has doubtless done me good. Another tiny page filled.

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