Glowing Erik

Erik purple watercolourBack to cats today: the mood was right. I chose Erik the Red. I did consider whether she (yes, Erik’s a girl) should be just done in Indian ink, but then I remembered I’d been inspired by a picture of an orange and purple cat in an art textbook. Erik was absolutely fiery in the afternoon sunshine, so in the end it was an easy decision.

I masked out her whiskers first, then put the background in using ink. Once this was convincingly dry I added the watercolours. Putting in the purple was very satisfying – it feels rather anarchic to use something so bold and patently not orange when painting a ginger cat!

24 thoughts on “Glowing Erik

  1. Beautifully done, Rebecca, she comes across to me as thoughtful and gentle..i may be wrong of course but that’s the impression i get.
    i admire your technique as well as the resolved work.

    Best Wishes


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