Funsize Sketch – Cruet

Last weekend we made a special trip over to Norwich to view the large collection of Cotman watercolours at Norwich Castle. Sadly, when we arrived we found the gallery closed, due to staff sickness. The best laid plans… However, all was not lost, as we had a very nice curry for lunch at Bill’s.

Cruet funsizeWhile we were waiting for our order to arrive, I managed this very quick little sketch (3 x 3 ins) of their salt and pepper pots. They were tiny – only about 6cms high. The waitress told us that they have had quite a few pinched as people think they are so sweet. I managed to restrain myself…

The idea of these funsize sketches is that I draw directly in ink, no pencil guidelines, and try to get the picture as accurate as possible straight away. It’s a really good discipline for making me concentrate and think before I set pen to paper. It doesn’t always end up with a great picture, but it’s about developing the process of hand-to-eye co-ordination and the learning to commit directly in a non-erasable, non-blendable, medium; quite different to how I would treat the same subject using graphite. And this pen and tiny sketchbook are small enough to go with me everywhere – there’s no escape!

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