Stone Jar

Years ago, my Mum gave me a selection of beautiful pebbles she had hand-picked and tumbled herself. They have sat in this jar ever since, and I have walked past them daily with hardly a thought.

However, over the past week, in the search for Jar of stones watercoloursomething to paint, they attracted my notice. I kept glancing at them thinking ‘that could be nice,’ closely followed by ‘…it wouldn’t be easy’. Yet, gradually, it pulled me in. At first I thought this might be a pastel. But an insistent little voice kept whispering that it had to be watercolour.

So, I plucked up my courage, and here it is. It’s taken me two days to complete, in stints. I started with the background, wet in wet. Once that had dried, I began on the pebbles and the glass base-colours. This morning I concluded by adding in the dark areas around the pebbles and improving the contrast of light and shade in the glass.

True, the glass in particular wasn’t so easy; however, some of the parts I like best just happened, like the base of the jar where the colours have mixed and bled in a pleasing way. That’s the real joy of watercolour – as much as it can frustrate, it can surprise and delight you too.

11 thoughts on “Stone Jar

  1. Yes, I agree about the surprise – and it is so gratifying to attempt something the “won’t be easy” and then get drawn into it, as you say. Lovely work and so filled with meaning. Happy Mother’s Day

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