Seeing Double

I’ve been really enjoying using ink lately (perhaps I mentioned that already?) and so I devised a new project to let me play with what for me are two of its most interesting properties: achieving a really intense black, and spreading when used wet-in-wet.

Chair inkMy son was given this little child’s chair when he was just one. He grew into it, then out of it, but it’s still with us. It’s beautifully made, with a dished seat and turned legs.

I drafted the chair (the right hand one) in pencil, then outlined it in fineliner. The next step was to make a tracing and transfer it to the other side of the paper. I spent quite a long time trying to decide whether I wanted a mirror image or not. Turns out I did. Then I grabbed my courage and went for it with the block ink using my Indian ink. It went on pretty well, considering I was using rather a small brush. Having completed the left panel, I masked out the white reflections and then flooded selected areas with water before introducing the ink carefully. For the mid-tones, I used a diluted wash of the ink.

It’s turned out to be a slightly odd picture (for me), very graphic-feeling and a bit ’60s, but I quite like it. Sometimes you’ve just got to shake things up a little.


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