A Good Question

Does the brush paint, or does the ink? Or does the paper, the hand, the brain, the mind, the vision, or the person? Or does a painting paint? – Kazuaki Tanahashi, Brush Mind

Brush mind bookThis book is illustrated with close-ups of one-line calligraphic strokes from East Asian influence, and contains some of Tanahashi’s musings on the creative process. Some are written as haiku. A couple of my favourite quotes are:

You can’t hide anything in a line. You are there whatever line you draw. And you will stay there, even when you go somewhere else…

In the Oriental calligraphic tradition, you are not supposed to touch up or white out a trace of your brush. Every brush stroke must be decisive; there is no going back. It’s just like life.

It’s all food for thought. And on that note, back to it.

2 thoughts on “A Good Question

    • That’s so interesting – I was looking on it as a training medium for improving in watercolour! It does seem rather high-risk, but I think I like it very much.


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