Blooming Iris

The irises in my garden have been calling out to become a picture. I was itching to do them in pastels, so I snipped a flower stem, popped it in a bottle to hold it and began outlining. Things were going ok until I got to the bottle. I’d chosen quite an extreme angle and just could not get the long-necked, pot-bellied bottle to look right in the outline stage. I decided to abandon the bottle and concentrate on the main event – the flowers. Iris Pastels

After stepping away for a while, I got back to the blooms. The pastels went on in a pleasing way, velvety with rich, delicious colour. But as I moved down the stem I realised that the guidelines for the mis-shapen bottle were still going to be visible. I hadn’t originally planned to put the iris’s leaves in the picture (that’s why the iris stalk looks way too short), but they became a necessity. Even so, they still don’t cover up all my sins and the ghost outlines are still visible, more so in the photo than in real life, strangely. It’s all part of the process of gaining experience, I suppose. Live and learn.

9 thoughts on “Blooming Iris

  1. SandSalt’s comment is a very useful one; you can get a whole arrangement of flowers done with just one or two blooms, by posing them in different positions.

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