Branching Out a Little

I’ve been wantinApple blossom Pastelg to make a picture in a long flat landscape format for a while, partly so that I can use it as my blog header. When I saw this apple bough laden with blossom this morning, I couldn’t resist.

I had a piece of blue mountboard waiting for something – turns out today was its turn. Since my collection of soft pastels is still very small, this picture was made using mainly the restricted pallette of harder Conte pastels. This turned out to my advantage I think, since the piece of board only measured 15 x 6 ins, so I was working quite small and I needed quite a bit of control over the definition of shapes

Overall, I enjoyed having a go at this. I’ve always found it a real challenge to depict plants, especially clusters of flowers – I think one of the keys is to build up a good repertoire of ways to deal with the repetition of petal or leaf shapes. I’m still working on that. Still, this has turned out cheerful and Springlike. Maybe I’ll pop it on my blog banner sometime and see how it looks.

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