Knowing When to Stop

ipad Cat photoSometimes, you want to keep it simple. But knowing when to stop can be so hard. I’m definitely guilty of often carrying on when I should have stepped away from a picture to catch it at its best. However, occasionally a picture you thought was going to be one way turns out as something rather different.

I’m really fond of this iPad sketch done in quickly in the Brushes app. It’s my cat Peat, curled up like Smaug on the sofa. He’s black, so very black that it can be difficult to see his features in low light.

I sketched out his main curves, and suddenly didn’t want to take it any further – one of those happy cases where less is probably more.

9 thoughts on “Knowing When to Stop

  1. I totally agree. I’m a huge fan of simplistic sketches, and I agree with the comment above. You captured the moment perfectly! I am definitely one of those people who get too carried away with every piece! X

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