Versatile Blogger Award

I’m immensely surprised and delighted to have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the amazingly talented fellow WordPresser, That Blog of Zhangah. I feel so lucky!

One of the joys of blogging for me is connecting to people with amazing talents, all over the world. So, enormous thanks to all you bloggers who give me inspiration and who offer a window into your world through your blogs.

That Blog of Zhangah captivated me instantly. Zhangah’s striking illustrative style is gritty, expressive and flavoured by Film Noir. She regularly posts her intriguing short story comic ‘Helping Mitch’, interspersed with other thoughts on the creative process and illustrations. I was hooked, and hanging on the next episode! Thank you Zhangah, both for nominating my blog for this award, and for sharing your work.

Now for the tough part, as I must nominate just 15 of my favourites for the Versatile Blogger Award (drum roll)…

Please would the following step up to collect the Award and be recognised for your inspiring blogs:

And finally, the nomination requires me to share Seven Facts about myself:

1. I’m left-handed, but I can apply mascara with either hand. Ta-da!

2. Despite the apocryphal story that my first words were ‘Cuppa tea’, I don’t drink tea or coffee. Ever. Cola is a different matter…

3. I taught English in France for a year, rather a long time ago, and I still love France and the French (mostly).

4. Not entirely unconnected to point 3, my favourite film of all time is Delicatessen. So black, so funny!

5. I’m a born-again runner. I started as a total excercise-o-phobe  in my early 40’s, strongly ‘encouraged’ by my sporty husband to join a local Parkrun. Parkrun is a force for good in the world. I’ve been running for three years now so that I can continue to eat cake guilt-free. Hurray!

6. I sometimes moonlight as an exam invigilator. One of the nice ones without squeaky shoes.

7. I once met Queen Elizabeth II. I don’t think she remembers me though.


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