Blossom Time

Spring has well and truly arrived in my garden. The apple blossom is bountiful, and beautiful, so I made this quick coloured pencil sketch.

Apple blossom coloured pencilI used my Karisma pencils on the black cartridge pad. I’m getting increasingly used to using the black background, and finding that it changes the way I look at a prospective subject. There are some images which you just want to ‘jump’ off the paper, and I think this paper does help to achieve that. It also helps with providing ready-made shadows, as in the petals here. I think I could have chosen to blend the pencil lines much more, but I enjoyed the way the rough texture of the paper was visible through the pigment.


3 thoughts on “Blossom Time

  1. Black paper is excellent for pushing forward light-coloured flowers. It is possible to put other colours across the black to reduce the sharpness of a black ground, if wished…I found my carbothello pastel-pencils are good for this, but then they’re dusty pastel rather than coloured-pencil. You are right about shadows in petals, the black can be used to great advantage.

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    • Thanks for the ideas Chris. I have a Carbothello black and white, but haven’t seen the other colours round here. I’ll keep an eye out for them… interesting!


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