More Than I Can Chew

Yesterday I woke up with a phrase in my head: The Self-Preservation Society. Remember the song from Michael Cain’s film the Italian Job? Anyway, I figured that the potions and makeup and so on which I use every day could be literally interpreted as ‘self-preservation’.

I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be an interesting theme for a painting?’ And that’s when I bit off more than I could chew, topographically and technically.

Makeup still life watercolourWho knows why, but I chose a flat, teardrop shaped bottle, and a transparent pot which was oval with a lid which was concave too. Bless me, but I thought a mirrored compact would be an interesting addition, and  a couple of brushes for texture contrast. I set the pieces out on an old embroidered dressing table cloth. Oh yes, and just to add an extra level of challenge, I decided to do this painting in watercolour.

All this was ok in theory, I suppose. It’s just that it didn’t really work out. What didn’t go right? The painting was an immense struggle, and the composition didn’t appeal, so all in all I messed with it a lot to try and improve it. It’s easier to say what did work out, which is that I quite like the bottom edge of the cloth.

Anyway, here’s the picture, warts and all. Time to put self-preservation behind me and move on!


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