A World of Rich Imagination

Kay_Nielsen moonSince I was a child I have enjoyed looking very closely and carefully at illustrations. They can add so much richness to a story, and conjure a world we can build on in our own minds.

One of the illustrators I’ve found most evocative is the Danish artist, Kay Nielsen. I was captivated by his work when I was a child, because fortunately my parents had a book of his prints – it fascinated me. Many of the pages illustrated fairy tales, a million miles away from the simplistic Disney interpretations.


I still find the details and luxurious, unabashedly strong designs just glorious. They have the power to turn time back to when I was seven years old, days seemed endless and I could roam free in a world created by another’s wonderful imagination.

I’ve discovered a really good selection of images from the fairy tales on the 50watts website. That’s my morning’s browsing sorted…

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